Building A Conceptual Framework To Culturally Adapt Health Promotion And Prevention Programs At The Deep Structural Level

“Since our investment in Solara, Linden helped to implement a comprehensive value creation program that focused on human capital; process and enterprise resource planning; deploying a national salesforce; payor contracting; and add-on acquisitions. During our ownership, Solara’s patient census surged to over 45,000 while its employee base grew by over 60%,” said Brian Miller, a managing partner at Linden. Carson has previously served as president and CEO of CCS Medical, a provider of home medical supplies, and as operations president of MDLIVE, a telemedicine services firm. “This highly accretive transaction pairs up two industry leaders with similar strategies and strong execution track records of growth and profitability, technology innovation, and patient service,” McGee said in a statement.

The company said the acquisition will boost its footprint to 47 states. The combined company will operate under the name AdaptHealth. Luke McGee, chief executive of AdaptHealth, and Steve Griggs, CEO of AeroCare, will become co-CEOs. Josh Parnes, president of AdaptHealth, will continue in that post at the combined company.

We think it’s unlikely for these guideline changes to result in a material increase to revenue in 2021. When we acquire a company, we not only evaluate the near-term and longer-term cash flow characteristics of the target, but equally or more importantly, how it will fit into the ongoing organic growth profile of the company. An example of this is our Q2 acquisition of Spiro Healthcare in New England. Prior to the acquisition, neither AeroCare nor Adapt has significant operations in this geography. As a result, we expect to grow significantly in this region.

Drawing on his direct service and supervisory experience, Ken has developed various curricula in best practices. He provides onsite and online training nationally on motivational interviewing, supervision, outreach and engagement, tenancy support, trauma-informed care, and renewal for care providers. Ken earned his master’s degree at the University of Washington in Seattle and his undergraduate degree from Goshen College in Indiana. Allina Health is a not-for-profit health care system based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Indirect effects can be felt through changes in the incidence of diseases transmitted by insects (i.e., vector borne diseases caused by mosquitoes and ticks), rodents, or changes in water, food and air quality. In addition to effects on human health, climate change is projected to alter life cycles of plants and animals. For example, with the expected increase in temperatures, many plants will start growing and flowering earlier in spring and will persist for longer period in autumn. Some animals will wake up earlier from hibernation or migrate at different times.

DFB Healthcare plans to invest $253 million into Adapt, plus up to $100 million in a private-placement share sale. Part of the proceeds will be used to buy out Adapt’s existing investors. The HealthADAPT Program supports the human health and well-being objectives of the Pan Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

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